Jun12:Film night. Lynch dara un discurso sobre la historia de Irlanda.
Visita pagina… ingles social Barcelona.

15 March Busy, busy, busy… planning Business English podcasts.

1st February: Intensive course in the mountains of Catalonia.

29th December: Preparing for the launch of our Profesional English courses.

6th December: Our podcast ‘aprender inglés a través de la música’ has been continuously in the top 10 podcasts for two weeks. Tom, meanwhile, is preparing to launch series 2 of Real conversations on ivozi.

27th October: Musicmail was launched yesterday from our Barcelona office. Jimmy Jinx, meanwhile is flying to Medellin on a secret mission. Essien is in the Ukraine giving a seminar on legal english. No disrespect to Essien or the Ukraine but I think I’d rather be with Jimmy Jinx.

14 october: hooray, hooray…. our on-line school is coming in two days courtesy of SCLIPO

10th October: Well, our famous Mister Jinx has finally launched his own website Excellent, now we hope he’ll concentrate all his energies on Vocatic Colombia.

8 th October: Jinxy is giving a series of mini lectures this week in different universities in Bogota. Good luck, Jinxy – break that cherry! Lynch is off to finalise a venue for the Barcelona lectures on monday.