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Vocabulario en inglés – ¿Que es ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’?

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Hoy en nuestra clase de vocabulario en inglés vamos a hacer GLITCH. Un ‘glitch’ es un pequeño problema técnico en un sistema. Por ejemplo, muchas veces en Microsoft word el ultimo numero en una tabla sale en una fuente que no es igual que el resto del texto. Esto es un ‘glitch’. Un error.

The glitch scene (with the black cat) is one of my favourite scenes in the Matrix. There isn’t any action or big event – but it’s fascinating conceptually. The idea is that some of the more unusual phenomena of the human mind are not phenomena of the human mind but a ‘glitch’ in a reality we are forced to experience. In this case, the idea that our sense of ‘deja-vu’ is a glitch in the Matrix. Trinity explains to Neo (Keanu Reeves) that “deja-vu is usually a glitch in the matrix. It happens when they change something.”


Also, on a linguistic note, “Deja-vu” is a good example of English robbing from the French language. In english we use many French words without translating them and with a French pronunciation: for example – rendez vous ( a meeting point) and bon voyage (buen viaje). So, the next time you have a deja-vu ask yourself what it really means. However, the next time a black cat crosses your path be happy about it. In Anglo Saxon culture this is good luck!

Nos vemos pronto para otra clase en que utilizamos las películas para aprender inglés.

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