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Un ejercicio aburridisimo de ‘such y so’ en ingles

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Hay que elegir entre ‘so’ y ‘such’ en las siguientes frases en inglés. Si logras no dormir ganaras una puntuación mas alta. La musica abajo dice todo.

1. So/such stupidity does not surprise me.
2. Your Mum’s so/such stupid she doesn’t even know her name.
3. Paris is so/such beautiful I’m going to live there forever.
4. Paris is so/such a beautiful city I’m going to live there forever.
5. Obama is so/such a cool president I’m going to vote for him again.
6. So/such relationships were impossible when homosexuality was illegal.
7. The writer created so/such a ferocious monster all the children were scared.
8. He had so/such a bad drinking problem he died at 27.
9. My wife is so/such beautiful and kind I’ll love her forever.
10. My boss said that it wasn’t so/such efficient.


1. such 2. so 3. so 4. such 5. such 6. such 7. such 8. such 9. so. 10. so

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