Seminario: Como se aprende un idioma

Choosing the wrong language school can not only cost you thousands of Euros, it can cost you hundreds of hours. In a field dominated by products and courses which simply don’t work, we say ‘don’t spend another cent on language training until you understand better the reality of learning languages!’

The facts which no school will ever tell you

Over the course of one hour, our CEO will deconstruct the language learning experience and state categorically what you need to do and how you need to do it – to learn a language. With constant emphasis on empowering students, this incisive and amusing lecture will help you to…

1) Learn the inconvenient facts about language learning which no language school will tell

2) Understand and be able to quantify – in terms of time and skills – what you need to
reach fluency, and create a realistic plan to get there. Dramatically increase your chance
of reaching fluency by ensuring you are adequately prepared and equipped.

3) Learn to stop paying teachers for things you can read in a book at home, and invest
your money more wisely in more useful resources and services.

4) Boost your confidence. Help you fight negative states of mind – boredom, frustration,

4) Immediately spot courses with inherent flaws and know the right questions to ask a
prospective teacher or school.

5) Dozens of tips on how to incorporate language learning into your daily life and where
to find free resources.

Lectures are available both for companies and individual students. Sign up for
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