Respuestas – preposiciones de tiempo y articulo

LYNCH> So, Rachel, is it important in your school for students to arrive on time?

RACHEL> Yes, students must arrive at 8.30 in the morning for the morning class, 2.30 in the afternoon for the afternoon class, and 7.30 in the evening for the late class. And what’s the timetable at Vocatic? I suppose you start classes at midnight or on the weekend… something crazy like that.

LYNCH> No, no no… classes start on Monday morning and follow a very similar timetable to your school – except in summer when they finish in July, in fact, close to my birthday on July 13th.

RACHEL> Well, that should be easy to combine then with our timetable. Can you send me that sheet with all the students’ names on?

LYNCH> Ok, I’ll send it in two days time. On Monday I think.

RACHEL> No, I need it now. I know you Rokeby… I’ll receive it in 2014 or something like that. I want it in the afternoon today, not at some point in the future.

LYNCH> Okay… I’ll send it in one hour.

Ejercicio de articulo

1 The university in my town is near the river.
2 University is a waste of time.
3 We met at the world’s largest university.
4 During the eighties I went to school with Britney Spears.
5 The schools in Madrid are a disgrace.
6 See you at work, okay.
7 If you had gone to college (college is American English for ‘university’,) you’d know more.
8 Where is your brother? At school. ‘What school? “At the school in the center.
9 She works in the public school in Monterey.
10 I have not gone to college for a week.
11 Where are you going now? To college.
12 What are you doing next year? Are you going to university?
13 Where did you study? At the University of Madrid.
14 I was at university when I was twenty.
15 I like going to the University of Oxford.
16 When you get to college, pick me up.
17 When you get to work, write to me.
18 When you get to school, talk to the teacher.
19 You can study many subjects at university.
20 The gossips at work are a nuisance.
21 I didn’t drink beer when I went to university.
22 The worst thing about going to school is getting up early.
23 He played football at college.
24 At work you must make a big effort to advance your career.
25 In the school where I worked, there was a child from Bolivia.