Letra: Jimmy Jinx guia de la música en inglés 5

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Under the bridge. Any band who perform naked, except for a sock on their penis deserves respect. The way their tits bounce in this video is one of the most spectacular sights I´ve ever seen. Y claro…es una canción preciosa.

Robbie Wiliams, Angels. This is one of the most played tracks at British cremations. As if the occasion wasn´t already tragic enough.

Rolling Stones, Satisfaction. Jagger is a truly unique performer, there´s only one Rubber lips. He has had sex with a large number of women. His ex wife Gerry Hall is quoted as saying the only way to keep him faithful has to give him oral sex everytime he was about to leave the house. What a (lucky) craft sod!

Spandau Ballet, True. I can remember wanting to dress like these kings of new romantic cool. Thank god my pocket money was only 1.75 per week. Si hacen una película de mi vida – esta es la música que tiene que acompañar las escenas en los 80.

Tears for Fears, Everybody wants to rule the world. You don´t need to be good looking to write good songs. The lead singer resembles a horse looking into a fairground mirror. (Por cierto, si te gusta la música de los ochenta porque no echas un vistazo a nuestro concurso (esta en la menú 80).

Tracy Chapman, Fast Car. Where did she go? she was great? Maybe killed in a car crash? She´d only have herself to blame.

The Fugees, Ready or Not. For the sake of music I would like to shoot the two male members. For the sake of fulfiling a sexual fantasy, I would like to spend a week camping in the South of France with Lauren Hill. Despues – un par de meses en Inglaterra para que ella pueda experimentar un verano inglés – una experiencia muy necesaria para cualquier novia mía.

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