Letra: Jimmy Jinx guia de la música en inglés 4

Lady Gaga, Poker face. Is she really a he? It is an anagram of ´a glad gay´. Coincidence? I think not. La música de Lady Gaga dice algo muy importante sobre la sociedad hoy en día… pero todavía no he logrado identificarlo.

Lily Allen, Smile. Cheeky pop by a cheeky girl. She is one of those celebrities t is hard to decide if you would shag or not. Upon reflection I have decoded to decline her offer should it come, as I think her post sex pillow talk would become insufferable.

Led Zepellin, Stairway to Heaven. Greatest ever rock song? Certainly the Rolf Haris cover version comes damn close. Por degracia es poco probable que conoces la música de Rolf Harris pero seguramente habrá un vídeo o dos en youtube.

Marvin Gaye, Let´s get it on. Music to make babies to. Or maybe the final words Marvin heard before his father shot him. Esta canción me pone romantica… ¿y tu?

Morrissey, Boxer. One of the true great British lyricists and misery guts. No-one does misery quite like the English and Morrisey is up there with the most depressed of them. Morrisey es un fenómeno muy inglés – solo nosotros somos capaces de ser tan deprimidos.

Massive Attack, Teardrop. I love triphop. But what exactly is trip hop? Is there some kind of learned musical messiah who can explain these things to me in simple language. Behold! There exists such a man!

Nina Simone, Ain´t got no… I got Life. They don´t make them like this anymore. If I was black, and born in 1960´s America, I would want Nina to be my granny.

Nancy Sinatra, Bang Bang. Two tips. Don’t play with guns kids. And if you love someone, don´t shoot them down. Very irresponsible early example of Gangster rap.

Oasis, Wonderwall. A great song which for a change is not an obvious rip off of The Beatles, a truly great rock band. Oasis, the talented one with a face like a bulldogs arse and the handsome one with a mouth like a Frenchman´s toilet.

Queen, Another one bites the dust. One of the greatest baselines in the history of bass lines. Looking back on the career of Feddie Mercury, it´s amazing the world did not notice he was gay for so long.

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