Letra: Jimmy Jinx guia de la música en inglés 3

Frank Sinatra, Fly me to the moon. No-one does it like Old blue Eyes. The original gangsta rappers, MC F Sin knew some real bad boys. Los que me conocen van a quedarse sorprendido por esta elección de música pero esta claro que no me conocen… Frank y yo tenemos mucho en común.

Florence and the Machine, You got the Love. What a lovely name Florence is, I like it´s short form too, Flo. Note to self, make friend called Florence.

Gerry and the Pacemakers, You´ll never walk alone. At school we used to sing this to Bobby Ramsay, apart from we changed the wording from walk to wank. He´s probably still haunted by it now. I bet he´s not a Liverpool fan. Y por si acaso no lo sabes… esta canción tiene mucha importancia para mi porque soy fan de Liverpool – el mejor equipo en el mundo (bueno – equipo inglés.)

Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood. I love gorillas, infact all primates. The bonobo monkey is my favourite, organizing it´s society via sex and masturbation. These monkeys still have much to teach us through their primitive wisdom.

Guns n Roses, Sweet child of mine. It took another 20 years for the next LP, Chinese Democracy, strangely, by then no-one cared anymore. Nunca me he gustado mucho la música metal pero Guns n’ Roses es una excepción.

Hot Chocolate, You Sexy Thing. Music for middle aged woman to strip to. Errol Brown is still getting laid off the back of this song.

Jamiroquai, Space Cowboy. Essex´s coolest export, and still, truth be told, a bit of a knob in a silly hat.

John Lennon, Woman. A beautiful song by a beautiful man. Una canción preciosa escrita por un hombre precioso. I was upset as a young boy being told Lennon had been killed. My dad told he it was by a man who thought he was Lennon. Confused the existential hell out of me, couldn´t he have just said a nutter shot him?

Joe Cocker, You are so beautiful to me. Gravel never sounded so good. Good old fashioned name, Joe Cocker, sounds like the type of guy who´s come and poison the rats in your barn. Proper name, none this Sugar Puffy Ziggy J Mac nonsense.

Kate Bush, Wuthering heights. Briliantly strange vocalist. Bush is British slang for vagina. More mental people with vagina themed names should be allowed in the pop charts. Segurament, Lynch. como un hombre literario, le encanta musica asi—

Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. Gambling is bad, and therefore it is fun. In England you can gamble on almost anything, including when certain famous people may die. There is no evidence yet of a killing in order to collect a deet, but one suspects it is only a matter of time.

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