Letra: Jimmy Jinx guia de la música en inglés 2

Bon Jovi, You Give Love a bad Name. Glam rock, in retrospect does look more like Gay Aerobics instructor rock. But retrospect is a fine thing, I guess they must have looked cool at the time. Si vas a tu próxima clase de inglés con un peluca de Jon Bon Jovi te regalo un vocab superpack (queremos ver la foto!).

Cyndi Lauper, Time After Time. Typical woman, one minute she Just Wants to Have Fun, the next she expects you to be there if she falls to catch her, time after time. Well I´m not standing for it anymore Cyndi! Lynch escribió sobre esta canción en su articulo sobre la música y la memoria.

Coldplay, Yellow. Cheer up hey Chris? Give us a smile! Música para depresivos.

Culture Club, Do You really Want To Hurt Me? The original metro sexual group. Boy George has been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting male prostitutes a few times, which gives the song a new ironic quality. Y si vas a tu clase de inglés en un disfraz de Boy Goerge te regalo un intensivo entero!!!!!!!!!!!

David Bowie, Changes. Or Ziggy Stardust as he sometime preferred, a great talent and a very hot wife, who he apparently met through a mutual swinging partner. Showbiz eh?

De Lite, Groove is in the Heart. Such funky pop, it´s impossible not to boogie.Cameoappearamce by Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. All round winner!

The Eagles, Hotel California. They smoked a lot of dope. If they were not stoned, this record would have sounded totally different, but the service in Hotel California would have been much better.

Elton John, Sacrifice. The Queen of the jangly ballad. His annual flower expenditure is equal to Poland´s national debt

Elvis Preley, Only You. The (burger) King! I get confused as to whether it was he or Henry the VIII who des on the toilet. I´m sure one of them did.

Eminem, Kill You. Angry and funny is much better than angry and rich, this was when Eminem still had a good balance of rage an humour.

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