Letra: Jimmy Jinx guia de la música en inglés 1

All Saints, Never Ever. Smooth Brit pop. Like the Spice Girls, but hotter, and maybe even more mental, certainly that one that’s shacked up with Liam Gallagher is a nutcase. All saints nos enseñaron que las chicas inglesas no son feas (he tenido muchos alumnos que hablan mal de las chicas en mi país.).

Amy Winehouse, Rehab. What a voice! What a shame. Great to see the Beehive hairstyle revived, but I suspect it looks better than it smells. Los genios de la música siempre son ‘crazy.’

Arctic Monkeys, Baby I´m Yours. Brit rock with attitude. I prefer the name Jungle Penguins.

Alice Cooper, School´s Out. Rock classic and anthem of ´Schoól Disco´ in London where adults go dressed in school uniforms, get very drunk and snog each other. Horrible sight, I think school uniforms should be kept for school and the bedrooms of consenting adults. La verdad es que la calidad de la música es baja… pero el video es divertidio ¿no?

Beastie Boys, Sabotage. They went from spoilt rap brats with a stage act including giant inflatable dicks and caged women, to real musican´s playing free Tibet concerts. Proof that progress is not always positive.

Baltimora, Tarzan Boy. Pop music was fun back in the 80´s. We didn´t so much used to dance as charade our way through the songs. Beat your chest to this one! Quiero ver a todos mis alumnos bailando a esta canción en su clase de inglés.

Bily Joel, Uptown Girl. Typical Mechanic meets supermodel every day type story. In reality the closest a mechanic ever got to Christina Brinkley was seeing her tits on an oily calender.

Ben E. King, Stand By Me. Simply a moving song. John Lennon´s version is also superb. The film of the same name is good too. A good brand name all round.

Berlin, Take My breath away. The sound track to the steamy scene in TopGun where Tom Cruise mimes his way through a sex scene with a woman. What a pattern it set.

Bob Marley, Could You be Loved? Pioneer of stoned football and for that he is little acknowledged. I hereby acknowledge and continue your fine work in the field Sir Bob.

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