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Las conjunciones en inglés: oraciones y canciones

Hola mis queridos alumnos, ya sabéis que si queréis aprender inglés tenéis que ponerlo en contexto. Por eso voy a daros un montón de oraciones con conjunciones.

Después de leer la lista puedes escuchar un par de canciones que también usan las conjunciones. Sin embargo, empezamos con la musica de Method Man. La letra de la canción empieza con un conjunción importante (el resto están en negro) Even if… Incluso si.

Even if I died a thousand deaths
When I resurrect I’ll still be Meth
The jams will still be def
I’m here, me and this mic-phone, we here

Incluso si yo muriera mil muertes
Al resucitar todavía estaré Meth
Mi música seguirán siendo guay
Yo estoy aquí, yo y este micrófono aquí

Oraciones con conectores en ingles.

Las conjunciones en esta lista estan traducidas en este articulo conectores – una lista

Although I love him I have to divorce him.
I love fish and chips.
Don’t work for someone in your family; I love him as a brother but as a boss he’s terrible.
As long as you pay me back I’ll lend you the money.
He’s as stupid as his brother.
I love my father because he always buys me presents.
I don’t want to go to the party; and besides, they haven’t invited me.
I don’t want one of the dogs, I want both.
I love you but I hate you.
I’ll give you the job in spite of your stupidity.
Either enter or leave but keep the door closed…it’s cold.
Even if the Russians concede, I’m still going to be angry.
I want you to move in with me. Furthermore, I think we should get married.
He tried to explain his theory. However, it was too difficult to understand.
If you don’t call, I’ll be angry.
I’m going to stay longer in case she wants me to look after her son.
I’m writing to you in order to make sure you understand my opinion.
Let’s have a BBQ instead of a picnic.
Neither he nor his son wanted the job.
I wouldn’t go on a date with him even if you paid me.
I’ll have either a fanta or a coke.
He wouldn’t give me his money so I phoned his mum.
I phoned his mum so that she would put pressure on him.
He still wants to negotiate.
You’re more beautiful than your mother.
If you won’t help me then I won’t help you.
The police found the money in his house. Therefore, it’s clear he’s guilty.
She won’t help you unless you offer her a job.
The president’s going to offer you the job whether you want it or not.
None of the pupils have finished their homework yet.

Otra cancion….

Esta canción se llama “because I want you.” Adivina cual es la conjunción…. Si… es ‘because…porque.’ La letra de la cancion es…

Don’t give up on the dream
Don’t give up on the wanting
Because I want you too
Because I want you too

No dejes el sueño
No dejes el querer

Porque te quiero también
Porque te quiero también

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