Descarga Audio… 1. Summer 2010: Rokeby Lynch changes his usual summer of beach life and conceives a new type of language podcast. MUSICMAIL 1 PDF

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Vocatic_class__1.mp3 |titles=Class 1|artists=VOCATIC]

Descarga Audio…2. Vocatic declare a new era of universal peace and love. Nobody pays any attention – but they think the music is cool. MUSICMAIL 2 PDF

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Vocatic_2_aprender_ingles_a_traves_de_la_musica.mp3 |titles=Class 2|artists=VOCATIC]

Descarga Audio…3. Rokeby starts his own army (okay – an online school) and encourages his students to be super strong and super cool. MUSICMAIL 3 PDF
[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Aprender_ingles_con_musica_3_Vocatic.mp3 |titles=Class 3|artists=VOCATIC]

Descarga Audio…4. As the bank starts to knock on the Vocatic door – demanding their money… we make a podcast about cash. MUSICMAIL 4 PDF
[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Ingles_con_musica_4_Vocatic.mp3 |titles=Class 4|artists=VOCATIC]

Descarga Audio…5. Jimmy Jinx starts talking about the Cure. We realise that we are all in desperate need of a serious dose of the 80s. MUSICMAIL 5 PDF
[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Vocatic_musica_de_los_ochenta_1.mp3 |titles=Class 5|artists=VOCATIC]
Descarga Audio…6. We decide to give our students a kick up the ‘culo’ and remind them that Vocatic is a school for rebels and independents. MUSICMAIL 6 PDF
[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/inglesmusica/Ingles_con_musica_6_Vocatic.mp3 |titles=Class 6|artists=VOCATIC]


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  1. Hello dear Teacher,
    i am fine, and i am listening the musicmail, the music 1 there is not the audio, and the music 2,3,4,5 is good. the music 6 there is the same in other class is repit in here, the material like me, thank you


    Your Student

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