Cursos de Inglés Online para Empresas

Online language training is increasingly being used to improve the quality of traditional, offline classes. With different groups studying different courses and different materials, it is often difficult to see where your company’s language training is heading.

Vocatic Corporate creates a central database of materials (audio, video and text) for all personnel, along with a clear, measurable system of progress. All students can see exactly how much class or study time remains until they reach their objective.

Vocatic Corporate also addresses off-line failure to set homework or provide good self-study materials. With Vocatic corporate every student has a clear self-study program with high audio content (so that busy executives can learn while travelling).

Vocatic Corporate features the same academic strategy and method as our individual courses, except the company buys a licence to store all materials on its own servers and allow personnel access.

Each employee can access…

  • On-line Q and A sessions twice a week concerning the course, method or anything to do with language learning.
  • Videos of classes on key subjects.
  • 50 hours of audio resources on all areas from vocabulary to authentic conversations.
  • Vocabulary book (books for all levels from elementary to proficient.)
  • Grammar book.
  • Readers.
  • Course plan and study plan.
  • Study Group Pack to encourage students to form conversation groups and study groups.

Cursos de Inglés Online para Empresas 2010 – 2011

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