¿Cual es tu problema?

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What is your problem?

You don’t speak English.

Why can’t I speak English?

Because the schools that teach English only have a vague idea of what they’re doing.

What is going wrong?

An enormous amount of time, money and knowledge is invested at point A (the academy) but it disapears into a black hole before point B: the moment the student needs to speak English.
graphic why courses don't work
(make graphic – adding dollar bill signs etc… really good)Need to add element of mystery.

What is the black hole? Why aren’t these courses working?

All learning – whether it’s driving, cooking or languages – has three steps.

1. Information (how to steer, how to use present simple, how to roast a chicken.)
2. The retention of information (if you forget the informartion, you will not learn.)
2. Practice (the application of information (speaking the present simple, cooking the chicken, driving the car etc.)

The problem is that language schools impart too much information (grammar, vocabulary, writing etc…) in too little time, with inadequate reinforcement. The information is not retained and assimilated correctly. Add to this – insuficient time to practice the language (speaking) and you have a recipe for failure.

IMPORTANTISIMO: Students think that if they’ve done 20 courses then this equals enough theory and practice. No! If the information is badly reinforced, retained and practiced each time… it is like multiplying 20 times zero – it equals ZERO.

What is the solution?

The Vocatic system solves the black hole problem with a simple but powerful learning program.


1. A reduced grammar curriculum (less objectives – but more time spent on those objectives.)
2. A five step method for vocabulary – students retain the most important information they need – the words!
3. Rigorous progress checks and repeat reinforcement.


1. Fascinating conversation classes on themes of personal and professional development.
2. Listenings that capture the imagination and stimulate the intellect of students.
3. All words or grammar learnt are reinforced by oral exercises.

What does that mean in practical terms?

Clear, logical, direct route to fluency – that consists of ten steps. Each step contains 100 words, one tense and five hours of listening and speaking combined. Complete the ten steps and achieve fluency in English.

(100 words + 1 tense + 5 hours speaking & listening) x 10
Can I try the course Free?

Of course… simply subscribe to ‘Vocatic Freestyle’. You will receive the first units of the Vocatic system (audio and ebook) instantly.

I’m ready to learn this language una vez por todas

A wise decision.. continue like that and you’ll go far.

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