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Hi, my name’s Rokeby Lynch – the academic director de Vocatic – and I’m going to start with something so obvious, you’ll think I’m a tonto. I want to tell you that:


It sounds obvious, but if you examine what language students do you will see that most of them are listening to teachers, reading books, playing games, doing exercises… in fact, every single activity you can think of… except speaking.

It’s like a swimming course where the students spend all day looking through the window at the pool, reading about the theory of the pool, watching videos about the pool… doing every single thing possible, except what they need to: just dive into the thing and start swimming.

And that, my friends, is the first reason why Vocatic is effective: because the second you walk through the door of our school we will throw you into the deep end.

Our classes are 100% speaking. Irrespective of your level, irrespective of your embarrassment, you will use the language from day 1. And because two classes a week isn’t enough, we offer you three weekly events where you will speak even more.

You see, Speaking is not a luxury. Speaking is not some ‘tema pendiente’ you can save for later. Speaking is a fundamental condition for the neural connections to occur which lead to fluency. And the reason why so many students don’t dominate English is easy: they simply haven’t spoken enough.

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